About Andrea



Andrea Young was first hypnotized by her close friend Heather Rodriguez in 2011. In the weeks leading up to her move to Montreal Andrea became acutely aware that she was missing out on the fun and anticipation she wanted to feel about her move and instead was riddled with anxiety.


After that first experience with hypnosis she was hooked. The anxiety and depression she had struggled with since she was a 14 years old was almost completely eradicated.


Thrilled with the results, Andrea made her move to Montreal where she worked as a nanny and private chef for her first year in the Belle Province. In the Fall of  2012 she asked a friend for a retail job at American Apparel in order to earn extra money to study acupuncture the following year. However instead of taking on a part time job as a sales associate she was offered the position of Curator, Archivist and Interior Designer to the CEO of the company, the infamous Dov Charney. Impressed with her diverse skill set and dedication Andrea was quickly promoted to a mentee role with Mr. Charney and began the Special Projects Department at the corporate headquarters. She soon moved to Los Angeles and accompanied Mr. Charney on his travels for nearly 2 years until she felt the environment had become too toxic. Mr. Charney was fired within the following year for misconduct.


Upon moving back to Montreal in Spring of  2014 Andrea realized that for her happiness and self preservation she would have to re-focus her life and let go of some destructive habits of over-exertion she had learned in Los Angeles. She returned to her first love of writing, quickly finished a semi-autobiographical screenplay and in the Fall of the same year produced and directed her first feature length movie called Find Me Out.


Following the film Andrea was able to follow another dream of hers: pursuing holistic healing as a career. In February of  2015 she attended the Chiron Institute of Hypnotherapy in Regina, Saskatchewan under the expert instruction of her friend Heather Rodriguez.    

That same year Andrea began working with Abbondanza Farm in Potton township where she has deepened her connection to plant medicine and Earth-based spirituality.


Andrea has always been interested in the subconscious mind and meditation as therapy. Growing up in a household with parents suffering from intergenerational trauma and mental illness (including her Ojibwe father that was a victim of the '60s scoop) she discovered writing and meditation to help keep her balanced.


Like many children of mentally ill people she is very sensitive to the emotional lives of others and empathetic to the invisible suffering that all humans innately endure.

On her personal journey Andrea has studied Yoga, Tai Qi and Qi Gong, White Crane Silat, Vipassana Meditation as well as the spiritual ‘daily bread’ that still sustains her, Transcendental Meditation in the tradition of  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


Andrea's Hypnosis practice is strongly grounded in her love of mythology and comparative philosophy and religion.


She is influenced by the works of Christiane Northrup, Starhawk, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and Roland Barthes. She likes to keep things light and playful drawing from fairytales and the Hero's Journey, allowing us all to become the humbled and gallant heroes of our own lives. 




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Andrea coaching a client at their office
Andrea with a lovely client on a digital hypnosis call
Andrea with her Transcendental Meditation Instructor
Andrea's favourite meditation spot "The Folley" at Abbondanza Farm
View from The Folley of Abbondanza Farm
Visiting a client's farm for a Full Moon Hypnotherapy Session in Saskatchewan 
With a friend at an Drag show and Fundraiser
A still image of 2 dancers from a short film Andrea wrote and directed
A Hallowe'en themed photoshoot Andrea directed and shot for Boutique Lustre, 2017
Reading Tarot on her birthday 2013
Recording for Frequency Interference (see collabs page)
The dock at Abbondanza Farm 
After a Community Hypnotherapy Session at Temple Mile End, 2018
The Barn at Abbondanza Farm where Andrea records and writes many of her custom audio recordings