May 19, 2017

Are your wringing out a cloth with no moisture left in it?

Are you holding life, or some aspect of it so hard that you are no longer open to surprise or opportunity?

Regardless of this hippie mandala... don't you feel this quote is true?

How can you walk away; and refocus on your greatest desires?

It's my job to get you there, to help you to open to possibilities

Email me through the contact button in my bio...I do Skype session and in person...don't hesitate any longer 🌸

🌸 even though it's hot and sunny I'm feeling strangely weepy and an empath specific strained feeling today, spent some time in the garden to reconnect 💖 🌷
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May 15, 2017

🌀⁉️but why is hypnosis so efficient?!

2 Main reasons: Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy use a subconscious (meditative or trance) state to deal with subconscious problems. As opposed to talk therapy etc., which uses the analytical conscious mind to attempt to access the subconscious...which IMO is not very efficient. You are basically asking the right brain to speak to the left brain hemisphere! (If it were that easy we would all be peaceful and enlightened at all times!!!)...Which brings me to my second reason: Hypnosis DEMANDS, complicity, desire to change and RELAXATION a.k.a the trance-like meditative state. This means your gains are equivalent to your openness and WILL to change...which is incredibly empowering to most clients

May 13, 2017

🙏🏼  Did u know:

Hypnotherapy can address all kinds of sexual disfunction, trauma and insecurities? 😜 🤓 😋 🤗  Happy Saturday! Keep it cute everyone.

May 6, 2017

🌸 Did you know Hypnotherapy can help with conception and fertility?

🌷 By clearing emotional blocks and tension held in the nervous system we can "re-set" the whole psycho-spiritual body and refocus your intention to become pregnant. My clients often leave sessions feeling 10 years younger and lighter both inside and out!

Art @merakilabbe 

May 2, 2017

🚬 🌷 🚬 🌸 Sending softness and compassion to all the smoker bbs in the world today

The mind mirrors the body mirrors the mind...external manifestations mimic internal experience & vice versa ⛲️ 🔍 ➰

🚫 🚬 most of my clients that come for smoking cessation quit after 1 session, but also leave with a much deeper and whole understanding of themselves and their choices...hmu asap, don't sleep on it...even a reduction in smoking is better! 

May 2, 2017

​🌷 This is the first Nobel Truth of the Buddha and its ubiquitous and universal, you are not unique in your pain...but how can u be kind to yourself despite this suffering...what work do u need to do for yourself in order to find peace and acceptance?

🐚 Acceptance of self, acceptance of others, acceptance of circumstance and trust in what's to come...

Freedom, like suffering is found within

🌊 Dive inside, I can help 🔐

🌸 Take a chance on your own unfolding, you don't even know how wonderful you can be once you allow who u really are ⛲️

November 23, 2016

 ☽ A Spiritual Reading List ☾no.1: Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D. OGB/YN

Many of my clients at Ascension Hypnosis ask me for recommended reading to help them deepen and expand their understanding of the healing path. Here I will tell you in my own words how these authors and their books have affected my internal life for the better!

 ☽ Who's this book for: Mostly ladies (your gal pals who are trippin about their wrinkles even at age 30, your Mom who is moderately depressed and newly single) who are apprehensive about getting "aging", however my cis-bf has gained a lot listening to this Wise Woman in his car

☽ How to Enjoy: AudioBook is amazing because Dr. N's voice is calm and reassuring BUT ALSO I have bought the hardcover for all the charts and exercises

☽ Why I read it: Because when I turned 30 I vowed to make peace with getting older and I've loved Dr. Northrup since Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom 

☽ Key Elements & Lessons learned: Getting older is awesome! Seriously though I now hav...

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