May 6, 2017

🌸 Did you know Hypnotherapy can help with conception and fertility?

🌷 By clearing emotional blocks and tension held in the nervous system we can "re-set" the whole psycho-spiritual body and refocus your intention to become pregnant. My clients often leave sessions feeling 10 years younger and lighter both inside and out!

Art @merakilabbe 

May 2, 2017

​🌷 This is the first Nobel Truth of the Buddha and its ubiquitous and universal, you are not unique in your pain...but how can u be kind to yourself despite this suffering...what work do u need to do for yourself in order to find peace and acceptance?

🐚 Acceptance of self, acceptance of others, acceptance of circumstance and trust in what's to come...

Freedom, like suffering is found within

🌊 Dive inside, I can help 🔐

🌸 Take a chance on your own unfolding, you don't even know how wonderful you can be once you allow who u really are ⛲️

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June 12, 2017

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May 30, 2017

May 26, 2017

May 25, 2017

May 15, 2017

May 13, 2017

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