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Can I get Stuck in Hypnosis? 
NO. Without the countinual voice and guidance of your hypnotherpist you emerge naturally and normally. It is also of note that if there were ever an emergency like a fire alarm you would naturally emerge without any hesitation or struggle. In hypnosis your conscious mind is always available and active, just not as much as in everyday life. Hypnosis merely gives the conscious mind permission to relax and allow the subconsious to come to the fore front.












When You've Tried Everything Else


Hypnosis is different. In Hypnosis you are not employing the consious mind or will power to 'fix' your life or change your habits. You are removing the root of the pattern. Deep trance states allow you to access the subconsious mind easily directly to make all changes you wish for the improvement of your life as you understand it. Hypnosis serves to change any outdated thoughts, feelings and and behaviours that no longer serve you.

I'm Scared to Try...


Like any circumstance in life you should seek treatment, guidance and help from someone you trust. You wouldn't ask advice from a friend you didn't trust and hypnosis is no different. 


The wonderful saftey of hypnosis is that your consious mind will only allow you to go as deeply as you feel comfortable with, preventing you from accessing anything you aren't ready or willing to. The beauty of this is that you are always in charge, always holding the reigns and directing your own session.

You are not alone. It is natural to have some fear of the unknown. We encourage you to educate yourself using this website and our testimonials. 

If after doing your own research you are still apprehensive ask yourself if you are truly ready to let go of old patterns or if they are still serving you. 

Can you make me do something I don't want to do?


Most people's perception of hypnosis is based on TV or Movies as well as 'Show' hypnosis. Show hypnosis can be incredibly entertaining and fun and should be understood as such. All people hypnotised during shows are aware and willing participants that could refuse any suggestion at any time. This is why some people willing to do hypnosis in private cannot be hypnotised in a show. Please forget everything you saw in the Media about hypnosis. It is important to employ your regular media saviness to plot lines dealing with hypnosis.


What if I can't be Hypnotized?
Everyone can be Hypnotized! All you need is the will to change your life.
When thinking of hypnosis it is helpful to think of it as a meditative state instead of what you might have seen in "show hypnosis".
Some people believe they are too smart, strong willed or stubborn to be hypnotized. Conversely hypnotizability requires imagination and focus, which are signs of intelligence.
If you are seeking to change your life in a therapeutic setting, your conscious will is already co operating. 
 Andrea is your guide to reaching to reaching these meditative states, (even if you have found it difficult to meditate on your own). The depth of your hypnotic state is always dependant on trust and willingness to change. This is why there is a thorough intake form and a consultation during the first session.
In reality anyone who wishes to be hypnotized can be.