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☽ A Spiritual Reading List ☾no.1: Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D. OGB/YN

November 23, 2016

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A Mantra

May 26, 2017

🌀 This pure posi energy mantra always on my mind when I see my loved ones needlessly suffering by their own self-effacing thoughts and beliefs
⛲️ Here's a secret: everyone has cyclical negative thoughts like:


~ugh I'm the WORST
~I'm such a fuck up
~I'll never get out of this (state, situation, feeling)
~I look like garbage
~I just CAN'T do this...because I'm dumb/incapable/not good enough in ___________ways
⛲️ Take solace in knowing this is NOT your voice! This is not the primordial spirit, this is your grumpy ego, your inner child, or your spiritual demons!!! 👶🏾 👹 😡 👺
🌀 In other words it's an opportunity for learning and for self acceptance
💭 Ask yourself: How can I meet this voice with love? How would I respond to this voice if it were:
~A little kid? Niece or nephew?
~A curmudgeonly elderly loved one with dimentia?
~A best gal pal?
🌸 Every moment is a choice, every person has FREE WILL
🌸 Every moment is an opportunity to make things EASIER for yourself
{{{to grow up towards the light like all the beautiful cherry blossom trees in bloom, look to nature all around for an example of how to remain present and BASKING in well being}}}
⛲️ BREAK FREE!!! DM to book a Skype or live session and I can help you build this resilience on a deep, deep subconscious level






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