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With so much happening this late Summer in terms of the Astrological Forecast I thought I'd give a formal shout out to some of my go-to star gazing witches. Each of these babes has their own style and focus as well as different forms of media dissemination. So, in no particular order here's a brief blurb about what resonates for me from each of my top 5 astrologers:

Ines Heals

Ines Radjenović is a close personal friend of mine here in Montreal. We work together and support each other's healing careers and evolutionary journeys. She has ushered me toward several self realizations and bore witness to blockages and transitions happening within me before I could see them for myself.

She works in several different healing modalities including Esoteric Astrology, Biodynamic Flower Essences (one series of which is attuned to your astro chart), Reiki and Ayurveda.

Her Astrological style is diverse and esoteric as she draws from many older and lesser known traditions. As opposed to the popular trend of a sort of colloquial and political reading style, Ines keeps her readings in the realm of the mystical, deep, intangible. Shadow work. Which I find is a nice balance to Kelley Rosano and Chani Nicholas, for instance.

Follow Ines on instagram and her blog. She has forecasts, transits and horoscopes.

Zodiac Poetry

Formerly known as Aeternalight Astrology, Cristina of Zodiac Poetry is a newer favourite of mine as I just discovered her this year. Her bio tells us that she has an MA in Cultural Anthropology and she often mentions being introverted. Her vibe is soft, artistic and you guessed it, poetic. She always pairs art works, quotes or music videos with her transits and is satisfyingly punctual with her publishing (sign up for her mailing list!)

Her blog is collective forecasts and transits but no horoscopes, but as usual you can buy a personalized reading with her.

Her writing style is clear, pointed and relevant while somehow remaining ethereal but not new agey...its a fine balance and she strikes it!

Chani Nicholas

Chani is on the hyper-now boss babe spiritual entrepreneur tip and I love it. She delves into the political zeitgeist unabashedly and will call your bull shit in equal parts material world and spiritual realm.

She mostly communicates through her blog including free weekly horoscopes, and affordable personalized readings and online courses for those who wish to delve deeper. I also like her point form transits and mark them in my calendar to keep me aware and prepared.

Her instagram is always on relevant, she posts hand scrawled affirmations and astromemes that'll make you smirk to yourself. She has a young, funny kinda bitchy vibe, in a satisfying and pointed ratio. She also makes her own collages and her general graphic aesthetic is femme and colourful and contemporary and fun. She seems like a rad gal pal.

Kelley Rosano

Kelley is the OG and also your wise, eccentric babely aunt. She is your biggest cheerleader and is a bit older so seems like she's seen some shit and remains optimistic about the future. She'll throw out a pseudo political rant once in a while, and you can tell she has a booming business behind her as well. Her moto is "take care of you" and she encourages self-love and self-care above all else. All this so say she is has a very comforting, funny and positive vibe.

The best thing about Kelley's work is that its all on Youtube! She gives yearly forecasts as well as monthly Horoscopes for each sign, Moon transits AND all the other noted movements in the sky like Equinoxes and Solstices.

I usually listen to her horoscopes at the beginning of the month and mark certain reminders in my daytimer...I gotta say she's pretty accurate.

Mystic Mamma

This is a bonus one because its actually several astrologers curated on one website giving their POV. You can ascribe to whomever seems relevant to you and check their personal sites. Mystic Mamma is the website that got me more interested in Astrology so there is a special place in my heart for this one!

The Mystic Mamma aesthetic is remarkable. She makes beautiful collages reminiscent of Art Nouveau and Mucha but nodding to the New Age themes touched on during each transit. (You can order her artwork from her site)

I love her Instagram as it features her collages but also gives regular updates on the movements of the stars. Its one of those accounts that you can check into often when you want a briefing on the current astrology.

Her writing style is dreamy, lulling and soft and she draws from diverse feminist, cultural and psycho-spiritual traditions, there is surely something that will resonate for everyone.

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