Where there is silence
one finds the anchor
of the universe
~Tao Te Ching
Spirituality, My Way

"I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first hypnotherapy session but Andrea put me completely at ease. I really liked that she was open to any level of skepticism or spirituality – she just wanted me to get what I wanted out of it. And I did! I usually find myself distracted while trying to meditate or do yoga, but hypnotherapy really let me relax and focus at the same time, and I left feeling positive and stress-free. I can’t wait to go again and to figure out how it can help me in my life."


Associate Editor/Marketing

(Montreal, Qc)

Uplifted and Refreshed

"Andrea provided me with my first hypnosis session. I went into it a little nervous and not knowing what to expect, though I felt confident I was in good hands. She instantly put me at ease and walked me through each step as I could feel her words slowly taking me deeper into relaxation. Her affirmations were applicable and uplifting; I came out of the session feeling completely refreshed. I would highly recommend Andrea for hypnosis for any therapy needs, or just to energize your life!"


Medical Librarian/Business Owner

(Regina, SK)


The Gift of Relaxation

"Hypnotherapy is a powerful, efficient technique to transform your life in a positive way. Andrea is quite skilled in guiding you through your transformation. I leave every session entirely relaxed, mind and body. It’s a gift!"


Marketing (Montreal, QC)



Focused as Never Before


"Like many people, I was totally skeptical of hypnotherapy prior to trying it. However, after attending a session with Andrea I can say that I understand the potential power of this technique. I felt a sense of focus and calm that I've never really experienced before. Andrea's voice and guidance helped me explore a space inside myself that had remained hidden. I am very much looking forward to future sessions with her!"


Counsellor and Musician

(Montreal, QC)

Science and Awareness

"As a Cognitive Science student at McGill, I was exposed to hypnosis as a powerful research tool into attention and a topic of study in and of itself. While I was able to look at the academic usage and read about experiences with hypnosis, I never experienced it myself. Attending a group session led by Andrea allowed me to combine what I knew about the effect of hypnosis on attention with the actual experience of hypnosis, helping me further understand how it can be modulated. Getting to hear about how Andrea developed her technique and her own motivation for training as a hypnotherapist also gave me insight into more ways hypnosis can be applied to research into cogntive science. The session itself left me feeling more focused and aware of my thoughts and actions just in time for final exams."

Cognitive Sciences Graduate 

(Chicago, IL)


Inspiration and Creativity

"I entered into Hypnotherapy with Andrea by listening to one of her free sessions on Soundcloud. After listening to the 'Creativity Session' recording, I found myself with 3 songs written within 2 hours of the session. This after I had been suffering from writer's block for several months.

A few months later Andrea did a Hypnotherapy session with me via Skype, it affected me drastically. You may be skeptical of Hypno or wonder if the effects are the same through technology but Andrea's calming, firm voice translates through Skype and put me into a trance.

I could see everything she verbalized and felt so much emotion. She was very personal and paid lots of attention to the details of our discussion prior to the session. I was shocked when I woke up from the session covered in sweat and with euphoric epiphanies. It did was exactly what I had hoped it would do. It gave me all the clarity I needed and reassured all my doubts. I felt so powerful and motivated afterwards. I can't wait to do it again!"


Recording Artist

(Toronto, ON)


Attuned to the Self


"When I was being hypnotized by Andrea it felt like my senses took a step backwards, taking with it many guards that one erects to protect oneself during the pace and expectations of daily life. Like peeling back the hard skin of an orange, hypnosis lay bare the self – soft and porous. 

Afterwards I felt a heightened sensitivity, a feeling of responsiveness that comes when we shed our layers and allow ourselves be open to others. There is something to be said of that experience of vulnerability: whether its diving of a cliff into the ocean, exposing our naked body to the eyes of a lover or presenting a creative work to the critique of others, only when we expose ourselves to vulnerability are we able to access the sublime experience of complete trust and surrender. The realization that not only can we trust others with our fragile, vulnerable self, but that doing so is one of the most powerful connections that we can have as human beings – that is invaluable. 

Hypnosis made me more attuned and responsive to the outside world, but also to my interior one. Not only did I start to experience shifts across the hypnosis sessions themselves, but for me it also signified a new way of approaching being in the world. However slight those changes appeared, taking time to pursue hypnosis signified a new kind of attentiveness to, and valuing of my own experience. To me, that is the profound simplicity of hypnosis that gives it the potential to be transformative. It is the practice of valuing the self, and only the self."


Literature Student University of Melbourne (Melbourne, AU)

Lasting Changes


"Meditation is hard. Andrea’s hypnotherapy makes it so much easier. I have tried many hypno recordings, which were alright, but hypnosis with a disciplined, soothing, calm, and attentive hypnotherapist drives your focus so much deeper. I am someone who has a lot of anxiety, and I did not have any expectations going into this experience. The focus, calm, and patience has been resonating within me ever since."


ABA Therapist for Autistic Children (Montreal, QC)