What to Expect:

A session in steps

Each session begins with a consultation to determine what you would like to work on through hypnotherapy in the short and long term. During this time Andrea will assess what's known as your "inner landscape". This includes your self-perceptions and self-talk, your imagination, your dreams and desires and any boundaries you may have before moving forward.

Once you are comfortable, the session begins by bringing your awareness to your body and the space. Similar to a guided meditation, Andrea will begin with calming breathwork and visualizations. This first step is called a "therapeutic induction," meaning that Andrea is guiding you deeper into your subconscious.  

From there, different hypnotherapy techniques will be used in accordance to your desired outcomes. Andrea's unique style and approach is informed by her work with plants and the natural world but always incorporates your personal ideals and beliefs. Many clients describe hypnosis to feel like a waking dream, with guidance. This is because the meditative state allows the Right Hemisphere to be at the forefront of your awareness. This is the part of the brain where the subconscious mind, the creative, dreaming mind dwell. By engaging your imagination you will gain deep insight into your Whole Self. 


It should be noted that this experience is different than sleep, because your conscious mind is always awake and aware and listening, but also able to simply observe from the periphery without needing to react as it would in waking life. Clients always maintain agency and will even be able to interact and respond as necessary throughout the session, allowing for co-supportive, co-creative inner work. Most clients feel a significant and powerful change, even after the first session.

While Hypnotherapy is an effective therapeutic pathway, it also offers clients a richer understanding of the dexterity of their imagination and the depth of their inner world. It offers the ease and mental coherence of meditation with the direct internal communication and vision unique to this modality. The engagement with the creative mind and Right Brain illuminates the potential of one's capabilities and engenders hope and inspiration. You will have more clarity to decide how you wish to proceed in your healing but also your greater life.


Following the hypnosis Andrea will take some time with you to answer any questions you might have and to help you integrate your experience. At this time she will also recommend a course of treatment moving forward. Andrea will also follow up to see how you are continuing to integrate in the following days after each session. 


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Happiness is not
Something Ready Made,
It Comes From Your Own Actions
Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama